Special Events on our campus

To utilize our campus for a special event outside of regular church activities, please download, complete and email a FUF (Facility Use Form) to info@calvarylompoc.org for our staff to review. Printed copies can also be obtained or dropped off at the church office M-Th between 8am and 4pm. We will contact you to confirm. Please call (805) 733-3545 or email with any questions.  

Examples of Special Events include: Recitals/ConcertsDinnersBaby/Wedding Showers, Weddings, as well as activities held by different ministries outside of regular program hours where it is necessary to reserve a space (the church sanctuary or Fellowship Hall, utilize the sound system or kitchen, etc.).


  1. Requests for use of church facilities must be coordinated in writing (by use of this form), at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. Use of church facilities is determined/authorized by Calvary's Board of Deacons.
  3. It is required that a CBC church member be designated as the responsible individual for opening the building and for making sure facilities are back in original condition/configuration.
  4. For events where minors (children under age 18) are present, the designated church member must be there for the duration of event.
  5. Church facilities may not be used for events by "for profit" organizations.
  6. Use of facilities and equipment will occur on a "first requested" basis. Priority use will be given to ongoing CBC ministries.
  7. Set-up for events will be done by persons requesting event.
  8. After use of facilities and equipment, the designated church member for this request must ensure that rooms and equipment are promptly returned to their original arrangement.
  9. A security/cleaning deposit of $100 is required, to be collected at time of completion of request form. Deposit monies (all or partial, depending on condition of facilities after use) will be returned within 2 weeks after the event.
  10. In addition to a security/cleaning Deposit, there is also a minimal charge of $150 for each event, to be collected at time of completion of request form.