About US

Calvary is a gathering for those that want to connect with God and be used by Him to share His hope with others. We believe everyone needs God. Hope and meaning and satisfaction are found solely in Jesus. 

We don't want to keep Him for ourselves. We want to share Jesus with others so everyone can experience His healing and love. We invite you to join us in our journey with God. We aren't special, but we serve and meet with an overwhelming God. 

Our Mission

Revived to Reveal

Jesus has revived us. We were numb and wondering, stumbling through existence. But in Jesus we are reconnected to Life itself. God's forgiveness, freedom, peace, joy and hope lift us up. Because of our new life in Jesus, we want others to know. We look for ways to reveal God's transformational power. He's changed us and He can change you!


Sync to God

God is first. Our lives find satisfaction and peace in fully synchronizing with the One whom we were created to image. At Calavry, we love God with all that we are through aligning with Him.

Serve one another

Jesus said to love one another as He loves us. That's hard to do if we aren't around each other willing to serve and sacrifice for each other. At Calvary, we find ways to care and support each other no matter where we are at in our journey with God.

Share with others

God did not spare His only Son but gave Him, shared Him with us. God desires that we reflect His generosity by sharing what we have abundantly received from Him with others. At Calvary, we reach out to our neighbors with blessing, food, and stories of God's faithfulness to seek new followers who will join us in following our great God.